In this lesson we will learn the singual and plural personal pronouns together with the verb “to be”.

ESSERE – to be

IO - INOI - we
TU - youVOI - you
LUI, LEI - he, sheLORO - they

Notice that there is no “to be”. It’s because in Italian “it” doesn’t exist, there is only he and she. Every word has only feminine or masculine gender.

SONO - amSIAMO - are
SEI - areSIETE - are
È - isSONO - are

Notice that the first person singular is the same as the third person plural. Also the pronunciation is the same.

Also the second person singular is the same as the number six. Also the pronunciation is the same.

IO SONO - I amNOI SIAMO - we are
TU SEI - you areVOI SIETE - you are
LUI, LEI È - he, she isLORO SONO - they are

Important rule: in a normal Italian sentence you can skip without problems the personal pronoun. For example if you say “è italiano” you already know thay you’re speaking about “lui”, you don’t need the personal pronoun to recognize it. Usually it’s omitted and it’s used only if you want to put a special accent on the pronoun.

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